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The best divas of all time aren’t trish and lita they are aj and kaitlyn”

Lolll. Nah.

Wow. That’s almost funny. Lita and Trish paved the way for people like Aj and Kaitlyn, get the fuck out lol

are people not allowed to have their own opinion? Maybe whoever wrote this didn’t grow up watching Trish and Lita, maybe they only know them through other people talking about them, let this person have an opinion. bloody hell

This is the internet..

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i’ll kick anyone’s ass. i’ll kick your ass. i’ll kick your dog’s ass. i’ll kick my own ass

the chick took a selfie running through the house, looking for someone’s ass to kick.

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…And I thought Link liked Mario…

Not when I play Super Smash.

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Please Understand: Iwata cuts his salary after dismal profits

According to AFP, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata will be receiving half of his usual salary for the next five months in a small act of atonement for the terrible year Nintendo had, most in part due to the Wii U. 

Nintendo’s revenues dipped 8.1% in the last couple months. 

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Gee, when’s the last time the president of a Western corporation slashed his own salary as an apology for their company’s performance?

That’s how it’s done!

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This is one image that will always be burned in my mind.

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Greatness Awaits!


Nightswarm checking out The Last of Us.

Whats awesome about this game is it ties you to it on an emotional level from the first scene. You care what happens to Joel (even if he doesn’t) and Ellie. Joel, being emotionally distant, and Tess will do anything to get their cargo (Ellie) to the drop points so they can move on to the next job in this rough, unfortunate world.

Joel and Ellie

Playing the game, you can see how it sets itself apart from past Naughty Dog titles like Uncharted. It slows the pace down in the movement department but cranks up the intensity in the heat of battle. You can never tell if you will be able to successfully take on 3 enemies without alerting the others and if not, what can you do to make sure no one is hurt?

Bullets are scarce and enemies are in great numbers, what can one man and a child do to make it across a forever change America?

review in progress..
..but score as of now 9.9 out of 10



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